Optimising Tax Strategies and Enhancing Financial Stability for Australian Family Business Groups

At Incra Group, we specialise in collaborating with family businesses, leveraging our expertise in strategic financial and accounting advice to provide tailored support for your enterprise. Our refined approach remains clear, direct, and pragmatic; optimising tax strategies and empowering businesses to take control of their finances and drive greater outcomes both now and into the future.

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Strategic Financial Guidance for Reduced Tax and Better Business Outcomes

Group 30999 (1)
We're Your Ideal Partner If You Aim To...
  • Optimise Tax... If you're keen to retain a more significant portion of your earnings, and strategically reinvesting to fuel your business growth.
  • Improve Your Financial Control... If your current accounting processes lack organisation and clarity, and you're striving for precision in managing your finances.
  • Enhance Business Efficiency... If you are focused on streamlining business operations for increased efficiency, bolstering cash flow, and maximising profits.
  • Plan for Succession and Retirement... If passing on the business and fostering long-term business and personal equity for a comfortable retirement is paramount.

Our efforts are geared towards shoring up your financial resources, facilitating your business growth, and maintaining financial alignment. Schedule a consultation to explore the tailored solutions we offer.

At Incra Group, We Can Help You Drive Performance Today and Safeguard Your Business for Tomorrow


At Incra Group, we're your dedicated accounting team, offering expert guidance for your financial needs. From optimising your business structure to maximising profits, we provide personalised solutions to ensure seamless operations. With a forward-thinking approach, we deliver top-tier financial services tailored to your specific requirements, combining the expertise of large firms with personalised attention. Trust us to treat your business as our own, committed to your success every step of the way.



Accounting Services That Are Reliable, Trustworthy, and Help You Do Better Business...

You need an adviser deeply committed to your business success. This is where Incra excels – treating your business as if it's our own.

Our services provide a new perspective on your business' position and strategies to enhance profitability.

How we help you do better business...


By structuring your business the right way,
we help you reduce your tax bill - this year and into the future. 
We give you peace of mind knowing that your taxes are handled correctly. 


Financial Control

By reviewing how you handle all of your business accounts, we help to automate your accounting procedures, streamline payroll, and generally improve control to support your business growth.


Building Equity

By protecting what you earn, we help create wider investment opportunities that align with your business objectives, and your goals for wealth creation. 


Protecting Assets

Operating and owning a business can be fraught with pitfalls and risks. By structuring your business properly, we ensure that you’re protected from unjust claims and lawsuits.


Cash Flow Planning

We help you accelerate your cash flow by
showing where your money goes, how we can get it working on your terms, and how to invest more of it back into your business. 


Increasing Profits

We’ll work with you to make the incremental changes needed to move the needle on your ratios, driving up EBITDA for better shareholder returns and increased business value. 


Succession & Exit Planning

Whether you’re looking to sell your business, pull back from daily management, or pass it on so you can retire - we help with the technical and practical steps required for this transition.

Other Services Include:

  • Capital Gains Tax (CGT) advisory, including Small Business CGT concessions
  • Business structuring to minimise tax and prepare for business sale 
  • Mergers and acquisition advice (buy-side and sell-side)
  • Management of ATO audits of payroll, superannuation and GST
  • Business valuations
  • Self-managed super fund (SMSF) set up, strategies, advice and compliance
  • Tax reviews
  • Risk management and minimisation
  • International trade, including setup and management of offshore branches

Experience the Difference with Incra: We're not merely confined to the routine of year-end tax returns. Instead, we are in it with you year round to provide counsel and support when it comes to business intricacies, daily accounting and those unexpected situations that may arise.

Gain the Clarity and Confidence You Need to Take Your Business to the Next Level

As a key leader in your business, you’ve worked hard to build your enterprise to where it is today - from developing your people, to diversifying your investments, to maximising your tax-savings with complex business structures. 

As you look into the future, perhaps you’re now wanting to…

blue-tick Make sure you have the right structure and succession plan to move towards exit or retirement with confidence.
blue-tick Optimise your tax legally and develop a deep understanding of what opportunities are available to you.
blue-tick Benchmark your performance and profit numbers against other similar businesses to see where you stand.
blue-tick Reward your staff more effectively so you can retain high performers without negative FBT implications.

Practical Advice Empowering Your Business and Delivering Real Results

What We Stand For Sets Us Apart...

We understand the nuances of your industry and are genuinely committed to breaking down the complexities of accounting. This is reflected in straightforward strategies, ensuring ease of application for a more prosperous business.

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Comprehensive Support Tailored for Your Business Success. Choosing Incra means gaining a dedicated team that:
Group 30982
Comprehensive Support Tailored for Your Business Success. Choosing Incra means gaining a dedicated team that:
  • Prioritises Family Values: Our strong family-oriented focus brings integrity, honesty, and empathy to evaluating your business, drawing from our own experience in small business management.
  • Enhances Financial Insight: We help you gain clarity on the crucial numbers in your business, enabling you to identify emerging trends, make informed decisions, alleviate cash flow stress, and overcome financial challenges.
  • Simplifies Pricing: Our straightforward annual fixed price agreements eliminate bill-shock, and are customised to include valuable advice, tools, and results-driven strategies that foster growth and operational efficiency.
  • Increase your Equity: We are dedicated to ensuring that your money works hard for you. This means building personal and business equity; increasing wealth now and securing a comfortable future.
  • Ensures Regular Interaction: Through consistent meetings or simply by remaining available, we ensure you understand what we do, why we do it, and how you can use and apply our advice in your business.
  • Optimises Returns: Our expertise assists in structuring your business effectively, automating your affairs for simpler financial control, and ensuring you pay the right amount of tax and not a dollar more.

More than anything, we understand and appreciate the head-winds of business, and give you peace of mind with a genuine and relatable balance of technical and practical advice.

Hear From Our Clients…

We have been impressed with their aptitude to go beyond what you would expect.

Since starting with Incra Group, we have been impressed with their aptitude to go beyond what you would expect from compliance accountants and get into the detail on meaningful projects that have delivered substantial results, they have also shown a lot of interest in the strategic focus of the business and been able to offer great advice ahead of time

Nathan Cruickshank

Sales Manager, Netco

Incra Group have proved to be invaluable partners to our business journey.

Incra Group have proved to be invaluable partners to our business journey, proactively minimising our tax and providing the advisory services we need. Their experience in the construction industry, flexibility and ability to provide quality advice quickly on key Risks and Opportunities as they arise makes them a good choice for anyone particularly in the Construction Sector looking to ensure they’re getting the level of accounting and tax expertise they really need

Ben Young
Ben Young

Sales Director, TranEx Solar Pty Ltd

Having transitioned to Incra just over 12 months ago very seamlessly, we haven’t looked back. Owning a small business experiencing continual & rapid growth, we required confidence in a professional, prompt, pro-active, multi-personnel accounting firm; Incra has delivered on this. We also receive regular advisory services beyond compliance, this provides us with the confidence in reviewing performance, looking ahead and decision making. A good fit for us!

Benjamin Kennard
Benjamin Kennard

Managing Director , AMES Direct

Incra Group have been very helpful with assisting us through a transition phase in our business and are available with any queries we have while doing business. I’d recommend them to any small business that wants a proactive and helpful accountant!

Tom Dartnall
Tom Dartnall

General Manager, Wesbar Vanquip

Highly recommend Royce + the great team at Incra.

Before we signed up with Incra Group, things didn't feel 'in control' on the finance front - we were frustrated with not being up to date with reporting, monthly accounts were not streamlined, and we were needing financial advice we could rely on for key strategic items so we could make fast decisions. Incra group have provided the confidence we need to
make key decisions fast, providing solid advice which could trust, and helped train the team to produce internal monthly reports, including providing templates & methods, along with regular check-ins to ensure we are on track. The result is that we now feel confident that we have our 'financial house' in order and can rely on getting sound advice when we need it. Highly recommend Royce + the great team at Incra.

Rodney Doven
Rodney Doven

Corporate Services, Asset Building Systems Australia

Ready to Take Control of Your Business Finances and Realise Your Objectives?

Incra Group is dedicated to providing transformative strategic business and accounting advice, elevating your business's bottom line and propelling you toward your goals. Whether assisting with intricate business matters or furnishing practical, strategic, and profit-oriented frameworks for your growth, our team stands prepared to offer grounded advice that yields tangible results.

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