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If you’re relatable, hardworking, and willing to help others to REALLY grow their business, then you have an opportunity to join Incra Group. Become the change as we demystify accounting best practices to help businesses get and stay ahead.

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We’re About Changing Businesses In Tangible Ways

At Incra Group, we are dedicated to providing top-tier accounting services to prosperous Australian family businesses. These small to medium businesses are the lifeblood of our economy, and our goal is to deliver strategic and actionable accounting guidance that builds equity and minimises tax.

It's that simple.

You'll join a friendly team culture with excellent support systems that create an environment of low stress and real camaraderie. We offer a flat management structure with open communication and feedback for you and for us. 

You’ll also find that our job roles are broad-based and adaptable, which creates an opportunity for each person to demonstrate their role preferences and skillset. Should you be given a role at Incra Group, you’ll have the freedom to develop your own career path over time.  

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There Are A Ton Of Great Reasons People Choose To Join Our Team…

This Is What It’s Like To Work At The Incra Group

"There isn't much need to work overtime as the workflow I have is manageable within my working hours so I can get off work on time. It's also really nice that I don't get called in after work hours."

"I like to get a chance to talk about non-work related topics, and learn more about my peers. I find it important to keep an open stream of communication with them especially when working remotely."

"I appreciate the fact Incra is willing to accommodate individual circumstances. If something outside of work crops up, I know I am able to attend to it, and give time to it because of the flexibility and support at work. Then if I can, I like the fact that during those times I am able to continue working even if it's at home."


Incra team members were asked what they like about Incra:

  • Friendly culture and willingness to help each other.
  • The excellent corporate culture and desire for feedback and accountability
  • Great leadership team. Great opportunities. Client interactions. Great colleagues
  • As a team we often ask, how are you going with your workload or have frequent check-ins. This ensures that a balance is being maintained across the team, with not too many items given to one individual. As such, we hold ourselves accountable… 
  • We have a very, high-performing and skilled team that has each others' back. We can be handed a task and relied upon to carry it through.

Our Current Opportunities

Senior Accountant

Open Positions
Not everyone loves numbers, but you do. Maybe you weren’t quite born for
Not everyone loves numbers, but you do. Maybe you weren’t quite born for accounting, but it certainly feels right to be working in this industry! To be successful as a senior accountant at Incra Group you’ll have had experience working with business groups and the associated inter-entity transactions, and you’re right at home doing the end-to-end process for financials and tax returns for a $20m trading group. You will also have a good working knowledge of various ERPs, maybe NetSuite, Odoo and Dynamics, you’ll be confident working with Div7a (or at least understand the concepts), and you’ll know all about how income flows down through the group to the shareholders/beneficiaries.

Junior Accountant

Open Positions
If this role is for you, then chances are you’re in the midst of kicking
If this role is for you, then chances are you’re in the midst of kicking your accounting career off and this could be the opportunity you need to change it up a gear. A junior accountant at Incra Group is obviously still learning but they’ve definitely got some stuff under their belt... items like BAS preparation, bookkeeping, basic ITRs, etc. Maybe you’ve even started on preparation of financial statements, but most importantly, you’ve got a good work ethic and you’re dead keen to learn!

Client Relationship Manager

Open Positions

The client relationship manager (or account manager) is a key role at Incra.

The client relationship manager (or account manager) is a key role at Incra. This person is who the client goes to with their accounting or business queries and who they trust to ensure they’re looked after. It’s not about preparation of financial statements or even much about doing the accounting, it’s all about ensuring that client relationships are maintained and quality work is delivered on-time. You’re somewhat of a go-between for the accounting team and the clients in some ways. If you’re good at this role then you’re personable, approachable, pretty smart on most things accounting and tax, and not scared to hustle when needed.

Executive Assistant

Open Positions
If you like to make things happen, then this role could be for you!
If you like to make things happen, then this role could be for you! Partnering with one or two of the senior team members, you’ll be responsible to ensure their time is spent on the highest value tasks possible, coordinating their communications and calendars to protect them from the ‘whirlwind’. You need to be able to think on your feet and respond quickly whilst still remaining calm and in control. Sound like a superpower? Close enough...

Do you have lots to offer but our Advertised Roles aren’t quite the right fit?

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We're eager to hear from you if you possess any of the following skills...

Business Coaches
Accountants At All Levels

Calling All Dedicated Accounting Professionals That Are Friendly & Detail-Oriented


Picture a workday where you're truly impacting someone else's business. Whether it's resolving a significant tax concern, organising a client's neglected books, or witnessing your client achieve their first profit following a business restructuring, every opportunity is a chance to make a difference. We've fostered an environment where you can grow professionally and go the extra mile for our clients.

At Incra Group, we serve a diverse client base with a wide range of needs, offering comprehensive services of a general nature. Enjoy flexible workdays and the support of your colleagues as you deliver top-notch tax and business advice. We're dedicated to equipping our clients with the tools and strategies necessary to elevate their businesses and finances. The fulfilling results we achieve will leave you with a profound sense of accomplishment.

This is the environment you'll experience when you join us.

Our Values Are The Foundation Of Our Business. It’s Why Our Clients Stay With Us Year After Year.

(We have an unheard of 95% retention rate)


We continuously push the boundaries, refusing to accept mediocrity. Our quest for improvement and innovation drives us to seek new avenues for growth and excellence in our endeavors.


We cultivate trust with our clients and employees through consistently providing high-quality tax, business, and financial advice, rooted in honest and dependable communication.


We delve into the intricate details of our clients' businesses, offering comprehensive advice, tools, and strategies to ensure compliance and foster profitability.


We prioritise being accessible to our clients, ensuring they know we're readily available to address any challenges with unwavering dedication and support.

You Won't Find Another Company That Is So Driven To REALLY Go The Distance For One Another & Our Clients

At Incra Group, we're anything but a traditional accounting firm. Each day, we're fuelled by the excitement of assisting clients and their businesses with our diverse array of services. We tackle our work with vigour and a genuine desire to support one another. Our clients really depend on our advice in order to bring about the change they’re looking for.

Are you ready to become part of something meaningful and fulfilling?


Hear From Our Clients…

We have been impressed with their aptitude to go beyond what you would expect.

Since starting with Incra Group, we have been impressed with their aptitude to go beyond what you would expect from compliance accountants and get into the detail on meaningful projects that have delivered substantial results, they have also shown a lot of interest in the strategic focus of the business and been able to offer great advice ahead of time

Nathan Cruickshank

Sales Manager, Netco

Incra Group have proved to be invaluable partners to our business journey.

Incra Group have proved to be invaluable partners to our business journey, proactively minimising our tax and providing the advisory services we need. Their experience in the construction industry, flexibility and ability to provide quality advice quickly on key Risks and Opportunities as they arise makes them a good choice for anyone particularly in the Construction Sector looking to ensure they’re getting the level of accounting and tax expertise they really need

Ben Young
Ben Young

Sales Director, TranEx Solar Pty Ltd

Having transitioned to Incra just over 12 months ago very seamlessly, we haven’t looked back. Owning a small business experiencing continual & rapid growth, we required confidence in a professional, prompt, pro-active, multi-personnel accounting firm; Incra has delivered on this. We also receive regular advisory services beyond compliance, this provides us with the confidence in reviewing performance, looking ahead and decision making. A good fit for us!

Benjamin Kennard
Benjamin Kennard

Managing Director , AMES Direct

Incra Group have been very helpful with assisting us through a transition phase in our business and are available with any queries we have while doing business. I’d recommend them to any small business that wants a proactive and helpful accountant!

Tom Dartnall
Tom Dartnall

General Manager, Wesbar Vanquip

Highly recommend Royce + the great team at Incra.

Before we signed up with Incra Group, things didn't feel 'in control' on the finance front - we were frustrated with not being up to date with reporting, monthly accounts were not streamlined, and we were needing financial advice we could rely on for key strategic items so we could make fast decisions. Incra group have provided the confidence we need to
make key decisions fast, providing solid advice which could trust, and helped train the team to produce internal monthly reports, including providing templates & methods, along with regular check-ins to ensure we are on track. The result is that we now feel confident that we have our 'financial house' in order and can rely on getting sound advice when we need it. Highly recommend Royce + the great team at Incra.

Rodney Doven
Rodney Doven

Corporate Services, Asset Building Systems Australia

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