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The 5 Signs Your Construction Business Has Outgrown Your Current Accountant…

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PLEASE NOTE: This free guide is only for construction and trades businesses that are serious about getting on top of their taxes, smoothing out their cash flow, and getting the help they need to grow their businesses. If you’re not looking to take charge of your business and your finances, then our free guide may not be right for you.

Incra Group is an Established Accounting Practice That Helps Construction Businesses Save & Grow Their Cash

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Your Business Deserves Strategic Advice That Extends Way Beyond Tax-Time. This Guide Uncovers Exactly What To Look For In The Right Accountant.

As a busy construction business owner, you’re managing an endless number of spinning plates - and your finances are not one you want to drop. But, as you take your business to the next level and build a more successful business, are you confident your current accounting support will help you along the ride? We’ve put together this simple guide to help you determine if your business is ready to level-up your accounting support, and work with a strategic accountant for your next stage of growth.

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What’s Inside…

Secret #1

Why Your Tax Bill Isn’t Set In Stone And How Your Accountant Can Help You Bring It Down.

Shake that sinking feeling in your gut whenever tax time rolls around, and discover how the right accountant can take the pressure off of your shoulders and keep more of the money you make where it belongs (in your pocket).

Secret #2

What Tasks You Can Expect Your Accountant To Take Off Your Plate (And What To Do When They Aren’t!)

If you’re being sucked into the day-to-day of your business without a clear growth plan and vision for the future, chances are, you’re carrying a load that doesn’t belong to you. Discover what the right accountant can take off of your shoulders!

Secret #3

Whether Doing Your Own Bookkeeping Is Actually Putting Your Business At Risk

Learn the common bookkeeping struggles trapping business owners everyday, and why it’s critical you only offload your books to a strategic account that you can trust to grow and scale with you for years to come.


Bonus Advice #1

Simple Checklists To QUICKLY Identify How Your Business’ Accounting Measures Up.

Stop guessing and know for sure whether your business has truly outgrown your accountant and it’s time to level-up with the support of a strategic advisor.

Bonus Advice #2

What To Look For In A Strategic Accountant To Maximise Your Ability To Scale.

The right accountant offers more than tax-time help. We’ll show you the type of advice and support you deserve to help you meet your financial goals.

Bonus Advice #3

How To Find And Engage Incra Group’s Strategic Accounting Advice To Maximise Your Profits And Slash Your Tax.

Discover the simplest way to get started with working with us, and how you can receive practical advice and a step-by-step gameplan for free.

There’s just one thing left to ask yourself…Accountant

Are you ready to take your business and finances seriously, and get your business growing and profiting?

Countless construction businesses have enjoyed successful outcomes with Incra Group, and we can help you too! Download your free guide now, and let's steer your business in the right direction for growth.